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The Josh Russell Ski Racing Scholarship Fund was established in January of 2004 as a tribute to a man who loved ski racing and other outdoor sports. While Josh attended Hopkinton High School, he participated in every aspect of ski racing: cross-country, ski jumping and downhill. He was the team captain of the cross-country ski team during his senior year of school-a team that won the championship that year. He competed and made it to the Junior Olympic level of racing in both the ski jumping and downhill skiing categories. He picked up racing again after college at the local ski area, Pat's Peak. He was a serious contender in the Corporate League once a week as a team member of the Ken Jones Ski Mart team.

This fund is designed to help New Hampshire 's up-and-coming ski racers by supplementing their funding for equipment and other race-related expenses.

Thank you to all of our current and future sponsors and donors!

The Russell Family & Angela Wright

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